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Inclusion Works

Jan 20, 2019

You often hear about the importance of diversity and inclusion in a workplace. But what about belonging? Asif Sadiq is the head of diversity, inclusion, AND belonging at The Telegraph. You don’t see the title of belonging much in the industry so many may not be familiar with what that means or looks like.

Asif describes it this way:

Diversity is great, we need to realize difference, and we’ve done that over the years.

Inclusion is where we are. We’re trying to really make that diversity mix work.

But where we really need to get to is belonging. Creating a sense of belonging for all people.

Because sometimes diversity and inclusion efforts end up isolating particular groups. The majority within groups start to feel like the minority. So to address and tackle this particular challenge, they brought in the idea of belonging. From teaching the basics like sitting next to someone you don’t usually sit with to encouraging a culture of learning where you’re not afraid to ask someone questions, Asif has great tips on building belonging into your program.