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Inclusion Works

Jan 11, 2019

How is your business doing when it comes to diversity and inclusion? While we can all agree on the importance of this type of work culture, it can feel daunting to put a plan into place. Where do you even start?

That’s why we’re (Hive Learning) launching the Inclusion Works podcast. The host of the podcast, Fiona Young, is the director of content for Hive Learning; a mobile-first learning app for enterprises. They’re a digital partner for putting culture change into action and inclusion and diversity is one area they’re especially focusing on right now.

Her team has spent many months researching and distilling out the most helpful, actionable, and practical information to teach leaders and managers how to be more inclusive. As they were building this new program, not only were they finding such great information from their research but they were meeting so many interesting people in the space. What better way to share these learnings and introduce the world to these experts than a podcast?

You can expect to hear tips from both worldwide experts and those in the trenches every single day on building diversity and inclusion initiatives across a wide range of industries. What really works, what has driven change for their organizations, top mistakes they see people making, and more. If you think you’d make a great guest or you know an expert we should hear from, email