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Inclusion Works

Mar 19, 2019

Being inclusive is good for morale, and can strengthen a company’s bottom line.

This is one of the things I learned from my recent conversation with Adelmise Warner, global head of diversity and inclusion for Sirius XM and Pandora.

People are their company’s strongest assets. If you treat them fairly, they'll stay. Believe it or not, this also limits or reduces a company’s risk of litigation.

If you treat people fairly, they feel like they're part of the whole. They will work harder because they believe they are part of a team that is pulling in tandem. Because they get the same fair and even-handed opportunities as their peers, they will have no incentive to malign or sue you.

Inclusion work is about making sure people feel like they have a voice at work and are treated fairly. An executive needs to make sure that (s)he is doing things that are right for the employees and that those things are not mutually exclusive from representing the best financial interests of the company.