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Inclusion Works

Jan 27, 2021

In this episode we dive into the lived experiences of professionals of color with Netta Jenkins, co-founder of Dipper and VP of Global Inclusion for Unqork. Netta shares a nuanced view that as organizations we shouldn’t be telling people to bring their whole selves to work — that’s something that happens naturally when you have a great culture where people feel a deep sense of belonging. The reality is that it’s often dangerous for members of underrepresented groups to show up authentically as this opens up room for judgment that can have tangible consequences at work. Instead we need to spend time listening, learning about others’ lived experiences, and retooling policies and practices to be equitable. 

Netta also talks about the lived experiences of people of color at work and how mistreatment (even supposedly “minor” incidents like microaggressions) can be incredibly damaging, and shares why she founded Dipper to help professionals of color find better workplaces via peer reviews.


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