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Inclusion Works

Feb 18, 2020

In many organizations, accountability for hitting diversity and inclusion targets sits in the wrong place. It might be with a new and inexperienced people leader; it might be with an Employee Resource Group. But you’ll only truly move the dial if accountability for your diversity and inclusion strategy sits with your CEO and your management team. 

That’s according to Dr. Maria Angelica Perez, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Standard Chartered Bank. Maria has been driving diversity in the workplace for most of her career and was nominated as one of the top European D&I leaders for her previous work at Ericsson where she established a global D&I strategy across 180 countries.

We talked with Maria Angelica about:

  • How to appoint diversity and inclusion leaders who’ll make an impact
  • How to weave diversity and inclusion into your business strategy - from talent to investment
  • How to build a center of excellence and give your employees the tools to start a movement