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Inclusion Works

Jan 10, 2020

What is it like to be a woman in technology? It's still a male dominated world, after all, with just 17% of the workforce being women. In addition to gender balance, technology lacks ethnic diversity as well, showing very little black, Asian, or Indian representation. 

We can do better.

Jaqueline de Rojas is president of Tech UK, the association that represents 900 companies in the digital sector in the UK. She is also chair of the Board of Digital Leaders and has been described as one of the most influential women in tech in the UK.

We talked with Jaqueline about:

  • How advances in AI emphasize the need for diversity in technology.
  • The importance of transparency with new algorithms.
  • The need for AI to have larger data sets.
  • Examples of problematic behaviors in the tech workplace and practical tips for solving them.