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Inclusion Works

Dec 31, 2019

If you were new to a country, didn't have a credit score, and had no access to mainstream banking, where would you go for financial assistance? Payday lenders? Credit cards?

What about a worker who experiences an unexpected change in financial circumstances? How does that person's stress affect themselves, their families, and their employers?

Financial wellness can contribute to an inclusive economy and social order.

Asesh Sarkar is Global CEO and Co-founder at Salary Finance, an award-winning global FinTech, and Dhiren Master is Chief Marketing Officer at Salary Finance.

We chatted to Asesh and Dhiren about:

  • How financial worries are related to your spending, saving, and borrowing habits.
  • How people with money worries are five times more likely to have troubled relationships with their colleagues and eight times more likely to have trouble concentrating.
  • The importance of empowering the individual to take better control over the situation that they're in rather than solve the problem for them.