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Inclusion Works

Jul 29, 2022

Jul 22, 2022

Author and Director at Catalyst Collective, Katy Murray, joins us to shares insights from book on how to be an effective change agent at work, the problem with toxic productivity and the burnout obsession culture.

Jul 15, 2022

Blandine Lacroix, Corporate Vice President, Strategy & Rare Disease at Novo Nordisk, shares the 3 things that she believes make an inclusive leader, the power of bringing your whole self to work and the power of a human-centric approach to leadership. 

Jul 8, 2022

This week we talk with Watikqua Lange of T. Rowe Price to discuss the importance of DEI leaders looking after their own mental health with the weight of their roles. Watikqua offers some unique inputs on how companies can improve cultural competency through supplier diversity and what's worked for her in her mission to...