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Inclusion Works

Oct 1, 2019

When you think about inclusive environment design, you might think about creating gender neutral toilets. But what about creating toilets accessible for guide dogs too?

If you’re a gay man and a disabled person, where do you go when your LGBTQ+ ERG and your Disability ERG host an event on the same night?

In turns out, often our well intentioned inclusion strategies can be exclusive. 

Toby Mildon is a Diversity and Inclusion Architect at MILDON, formerly D&I lead at Deloitte and the BBC, and a pioneer of intersectionality.

We chatted to Toby about:

  • The problem with tackling D&I one underrepresented group at a time
  • How to navigate the tension between benefits that are genuinely inclusive and those that are naturally exclusive, like childcare supplements
  • His thoughts on “people-first” language (and inclusive language in general)

Watch out for Toby’s forthcoming book due out in Autumn 2019, tentatively titled Inclusive Growth.