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Inclusion Works

Aug 20, 2019

As people who care about building inclusive cultures at work and in the community, we all know how important cognitive diversity is. But how deliberate are you in building diverse perspectives into your own personal network?

Dr. Zella King is the Co-Founder of Personal Boardroom, a Senior Associate at Care City and an Executive Fellow at Henley Business School. Her research on the science of social networks focuses on the critical people you need in your own personal boardroom to help you succeed.

In this episode of Inclusion Works, Zella talks about the 12 types of diverse perspective you need in your network, how women network differently to men and why we’re failing the older generation.

Useful links:

Zella mentioned the brilliant Radio 4 drama Flying Visits about what it’s like to work in social care 

Read the inspirational writing of Herminia Ibarra

Access the Personal Boardroom online tool here