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Inclusion Works

Jun 11, 2019

Early in her career, Natalie Sigona applied for a promotion. She didn’t get it. She knew in terms of the work she'd done, and in terms of her submission, that she was deserving of the promotion.

When she went to get feedback from those involved, one of the things they mentioned was the pink handbag she’d been carrying. They said she needed to be careful about how people might perceive it. Even though she was very angry, she handled the situation with grace. In fact, the way she addressed the situation actually enabled her to get a double promotion.

This story highlights how remarkable Natalie is, and how committed she is to diversity and inclusion. That’s why we wanted to invite her to be a guest on this episode of the Inclusion Works podcast. On the show Natalie shared some of the personal experiences that made her aware of inclusion. She also talked about what inclusion means to her and how we can all start taking steps to increase inclusion and belonging in our own workplaces.