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Inclusion Works

May 28, 2019

Inclusion and diversity aren’t about lowering the bar. They’re about finding the right bar in the first place.

Fiona Smith and Katy Murray, cofounders of Catalyst Collective a consultancy creating resources and community for leaders who want to shift the dial on diversity and inclusion, visited the Inclusion Works podcast recently to share their views on what’s wrong with our traditional models for measuring worker success.

Many workplaces have an unspoken, unconscious view of what the ideal worker looks like. It’s typically been defined by the traditional white male model of leadership (which is, by definition, exclusive).

It often defines success by focusing on a particular educational background or certain life experiences that all too often are closely linked to privilege.

When we don’t question or consider the inherent bias in this model, we put undue stress on the few senior minorities who might be on staff. They consequently feel they must fulfill all of the mentoring, coaching, etc. responsibilities to junior minority staff.

If you’re looking to reset your bar, Smith & Murray have three suggestions to start.

  • Use your privilege to get people's voices heard.
  • Use your privilege to take people places.
  • Make sure people get the credit for the work they do in the spaces where their voices aren't heard.