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Inclusion Works

Nov 19, 2019

As D&I leaders, many of us know that D&I departments alone can’t move the needle on accelerating diversity or increasing inclusion and belonging alone. 


Diversity issues aren’t caused by just one person. They’re caused by the actions of many. 


Which is why to build a truly inclusive culture where diverse teams can thrive, you have to make D&I a company wide priority and give every person in your organization the tools to be more inclusive everyday.


On this episode, we interviewed the brilliant Tiffany Edwards, Engagement and Inclusion Director at Droga5 - the award-winning creative agency responsible for producing brilliant and representative ad campaigns for everyone from Game of Thrones to The New York Times to Prudential.


In this episode, we talked about:

  • How to get your leaders to recognize and commit to diversity
  • The power of digital in creating lasting change
  • How to make courageous conversations a habit


Checkout these resources we mentioned during the podcast: